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All parts are full-color textbooks involving huge amounts of clear and vivid images and diagrams for ease of understanding and remembering issues. If you want to know any information about human anatomy, learn from good books, graphically modified so that your photographic memory of what has beautifully caught, then I really recommends you dig into the rack for anatomy professor .
Sure themselves from their own experience remember how badly they learn from the terrible script the wrong paper, cluttered with text, and arranged monolithic bizarre hunchbacked font. Then you should know that these ills certainly not plentiful . All three parts are printed on high quality glossy paper, thanks to which (and of course the extent of knowledge that books in themselves absorb) will have your back if you choose to carry with you anywhere. However, this is probably the only "flaw" that own these publications. The structure of the book is rarely chosen so that graphically emphasized the basic information significantly anatomical names printed clearly puts the beginnings of the line and making it easy to learn the concepts faster and better retention. Important paragraphs are at your left side indicated by a vertical colored line (for each component is characterized by a different color).
For clarity contributes a variety of differently coded titles by hierarchy structure. If you take up the first part of the anatomy that deals with the musculoskeletal system, you will find that every muscle is shown not only in the Latin form, but is in itself also mentioned Czech equivalent. Each has a link to one or more files, where you can find so you do not frantically flip through the book in an attempt to expose him.

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The entire three-part didactic publications with us have not been in their level of expertise overcome. Prof. MD. Radom Chaka, MD created in the Czech Republic, perhaps the best known and most used set of three books on anatomy, which includes the entire human body including basic histology. In its present form the book market in the second, revised and updated edition. The first episode saw the light in 1987, second in 1988 and third, candidates wait until 1997 ... all were analyzed in a short time. Interest in his publication was always significant, though no longer available in the market, had no choice but to turn to the faculty library.
 She can remember how at the time of my studies Chaka rare library it borrows only to study, or. Only overnight home because everyone wanted him to prepare. Today, after the release of a modified version of the 2001 (and subsequent reprints in years 02, 03, 06 and 08 – I wonder how huge interest in it shall be, when it again and again issue ...) it anyone can buy, enough to reach the shelf in the bookstore and have a sufficient amount of money.
True, although the lost magic of inaccessibility, but it would be a shame to lose such a beautiful book and not possessing it in your bookcase. Anatomy 1 - the entire musculoskeletal system Anatomy 2 - respiratory, digestive and excretory system, the endocrine glands Anatomy 3 - central nervous system, nerves, senses, skin, system

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Publishing Information: about muscle development First part - anatomy textbook contains the entire musculoskeletal system. Prof. MD. Radom Chaka, MD And proof. MD. Milo Grim, MD., Edited and supplemented by this part, according to recent findings (especially variability in bone and muscle development and some aspects). Over 400 color illustrations is the work of the painter Milan Mead.
 The publication is necessary not only to teach basic medicine and mastering this essential and difficult subject, but it is also necessary complement of professional libraries of doctors of many disciplines, for which good anatomical knowledge avoided. Second part - Contains and genitourinary system and the system of glands with internal secretion, which is designed as a functional system. These are key sections of the physiology, pathology and clinic. The textbooks are picked up from the basic facts for medical students, as well developmental and functional aspects.
The text of 270 images, which are mostly colored 3rd part - The final part full-color textbook that includes the anatomy of the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, peripheral cerebrospinal and autonomic nerves, skin and sensory organs. They're in it with comments and remarks topographic practical (applied) anatomy. To facilitate the study are graphically differentiated basic texts, additional information, explanations and additions. The revised and updated edition - updated with the latest knowledge. The book illustrated by painter Ivan Helical.

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They will help you to orient the information about the most common pathogenic embryos (various bacteria, etc.) and about 1,500 passwords applies to medicines. Attention is given to cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, high blood pressure), malignant disease (tumors, leukemia), diabetes, diseases of the endocrine glands, skin diseases, female diseases, mental illness (including various dependencies) or disturbances in sexuality.
An important area is pregnancy and childbirth, a large number of passwords concerns congenital diseases and disorders Informative and interesting is also the explanation of the origin of words (etymology), many of which are complemented by a password. Roughly in the middle of a dictionary are a few sheets of glossy dedicated anatomical diagrams and pictures. As it is in dictionaries, or are missing in the top positions of individual sheets concept which a given spread begins and ends. Chapters by initial letters are for better orientation also indicated at the extreme edges of pages.
Befitting may also, in today's books have infrequently tab. At the end you might not delivered an explanation of the term "signs of pregnancy", but after turning the page certainly like to start reading a handy list of normal laboratory values. What should be the level of glucose in the blood? Cholesterol Liver enzymes Not reveal it now you have to find yourself.

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I think that just should look like the type of publication of dictionaries and encyclopedias to be the pride of your bookshelves. After the preface to the first and the last issue, which is justified by the need of constant updating, as in medical fields, and especially in drugs with rapid developments, the authors mention how to work with the dictionary as passwords written? Why and where it is used a different font or italics, as it is used in text explanations of drugs, how does highlight a link on a different password
 Compared to the large medical dictionary for better understanding interposed another sheet schematic representation of a password with a description, which explains the abbreviations used. The following is a list of abbreviations used word, then you can already throw the absorption of new information and new. What is very interesting for the average person who "here’s something somewhere," certainly beneficial, is that there are also colloquialisms doctors (acute abdomen, etc..) Or aliases (Isis, blood poisoning), which are common in professional publications noted.
The dictionary is trying to save as much your time and have himself elected, whether it is frequently used words of foreign origin (heart attack) or Czech (warm-up) and an explanation then attached to the other equivalent then it only refers. What you will find in the dictionary? The actual passwords are named human organs, parts, functions and disorders coordinates hundreds of diseases and syndromes and their symptoms, medical examination and different treatments.

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For this year the year to accommodate themselves to have 11,000 passwords important in the field of medicine and health And you, who you have in this field you, forget? Will again certainly fits that you will find what your body is ravaged illness or Crumb and how the doctor actually meant when you said that you do history and you fear of his scalpel, and God knows how dangerous surgery rather quickly backed from office? No, imagination really is nothing shameful as it might seem out of mere translation of words.

Of course, exaggerating, but because there are special books of this type, that everything was straight and simply explain everything what it "ask". A Practical Dictionary of medicine is very good and a good helper whisperer. You can be sure that you do not communicate unreliable and misleading information (which many people so happy and eager to catch all sorts of forums for the would-be experts rather comparable with questionable healers medieval times, who then also chose rather to escape from the site before the demise of the patient).
The creation of the dictionary for the general public participated in several professional writers also joined the newly creators laboratory Annex. Claims of success and popularity of the publication also supports view the list of its release, which is since 1994, when he first saw the initial purchaser, has nine. The book, like most books from the publisher Madder, boasting high-quality binding and hard surfaces, so they last a really long time use.

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Practical Dictionary of Medicine and muscle development - Muscle Building Program

A Practical Dictionary of Medicine and muscle development The ninth updated edition of most used general dictionary of medical terms includes 11,000 entries from all disciplines and fields of medicine and anatomic attachment with large attachments normal laboratory values. Clear and understandable interpretation complete with examples and illustrations allows you to understand what the doctor says and writes, ie medical reports, findings, etc. The reader also gains the confidence to express technical terms and how to use them.
The penetration into the language of medicine contributes an overview and interpretation of medical acronyms and explanations of slang used by health professionals. The popularity of the dictionary, which testifies about 70,000 copies sold in only gradually disseminated previous seven editions, has not decreased even after publishing Maxtor published in 2002, large medical dictionary designed especially for doctors (now 40,000 entries). More about the different dictionaries here The book can be purchased here:
Practical Dictionary of Medicine Since the days of my youth changed only dictionary visage of their boards, but also gained considerably. Come to think of it, we could say that we are in similar positions. But for him it was the only change for the better, while for me ... Age is a terrible thing. The body is decaying, a person begins to forget ... and then I reach for such publication, that those few extra years greatly benefited the contrary, it is still better educated and better educated.