Monday, 24 February 2014

The greatest development of the surface layer - Muscle Building Program For womens

The greatest development of the surface layer reaches the muscles related to the type of strong muscles, performing mostly static work. They range all over the back and the back of the neck from the sacrum to the occipital bone. Place of beginning and attach these muscles occupy vast surface and therefore the contraction of the muscle develop greater strength, keeping the spine in an upright position, which serves as a support for the head, fins, viscera, upper and lower extremities.
 One of the strongest muscles in this group is the muscle, straightening the spine, m. erector spinae, stretching along the whole length of the spine -
from the sacrum to the skull base lies in the third layer anterior to the trapezius, rhomboids, rear gear muscle lat. Primary function: spinal extension and retention in the vertical position. The main exercises used for the development of spinal array include: Pull-ups on the bar - Pull-ups can be performed to the chest or head.
You should recognize the wide grip pull-ups optimally to his chest. If one approaches, the average weight of the athlete is able to perform more than 20 pull-ups (athlete’s heavier weight - more than 15), you can use burdening attachable to the belt in front when the pull-up to the chest (Form 1), and the belt back when performing pull-ups a head.

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