Friday, 21 February 2014

Than any other sport power lifting now - Muscle Building Program For womens

On my first race I prepared a year later. In the category up to 56 kg I won the Championship of the Czech Republic. I have not raced jersey. Next year I raced with a jersey and in the category up to 60 kg. This is my ideal weight, in that I feel good. What were your feelings on these early races? If it is even remember. I remember. I know that we are there presented the awards Pavlov and for me it was a great experience to meet him.
For me it does not matter if I go to the first race or the sixth, I suffer the same order of three. I'm very so for me it's always the same experience as when I go first. Than any other sport power lifting now No, not time. Can you describe a bit of your training? How many times a week do you train, how so? Off-site visits the gym 3 times a week, I'm going more bodybuilding training, I took the muscle mass in uniform. I included a lot of additional exercises for the major exercises (squat, bench press, and dead lift) give a smaller number of repetitions and small scales. Like every woman I want to look good, so I included aerobic activities entertains me to be box.
Between September and during the races I go to train 4 times a week. The main adding a series of exercises, scales, gradually expressions additional exercises that I had the energy and strength to the main ones Once a month, try the maximum weight. Just before the race I made up a training plan, which already are absolutely no additional exercises, only the most basic and large scales. With training helps you then your coach?

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