Monday, 24 February 2014

Superficial muscle comprises a smaller part of the spinal array - Muscle Building Program

Dorsi paired occupy the entire dorsal surface of the body and are divided into superficial and deep muscles of the back. Consider the core muscles of the back, their position and basic functions. Superficial muscle comprises a smaller part of the spinal array and, in turn, is arranged in two layers. The first layer constitutes trapezius and latissimus dorsi, the second - big and small diamond-shaped muscles and muscle lifting the blade.
Trapezius, flat, triangular in shape, with a wide towards the back of the median line, occupies the upper part of the back and the back of the neck. Primary function: while reducing all parts of the trapezius muscle at a fixed blade spine approaches to the spine. Latissimus dorsi, flat, wide, triangular in shape, occupies the lower half of the back on the same side. Latissimus dorsi is superficial, except for the top edge, which is hidden under the lower part of the trapezius muscle. Bottom lateral edge of the latissimus dorsi muscle forms the medial side of the lumbar triangle. Primary Function:
hand leads to the body and turn it inside, extends the shoulder, raised his hand down, if your hands are fixed (on the bar), pulls him to the body (in the exercises on the bar, when climbing, swimming). Muscle lifting the blade, levator scapulae, tendon begins beams from the rear of tubercles of the transverse processes of the upper three or four cervical vertebrae.

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