Thursday, 20 February 2014

Achievements in power lifting - Muscle Building Program

The triathlon I began to wonder myself, it was not so that someone told me that is suitable for triathlon or so. I enjoyed practicing forcefully as large weights; do not ride a lot of reps with small. Have you done any sport before? No. Sometimes I need to go play football, but I competed in any sport not. At thirteen I started going to the gym, I was such bullets, so I mainly wanted to lose weight (laughs), which I did. Then I only muscle What were your beginnings?
Trainings, first competition, achievements, etc I started to train you some training I downloaded from the internet and thus gradually adapted to suit me the most. The first race I went in eighteen years, it was a regional championship. I do not even remember how I fell, it's a long time. (Laughs) Can you name his greatest successes you achieved so far in triathlon? When I take it from the beginning, I have twice won the Junior Championship of the United States. The first time was in the weight category up to 100 kg, twice in the category up to 110 kg. Once I was second.
Even as a junior, I also started the Championship of the Czech Republic in the men's category, where one year I finished fourth last year and second in the weight category up to 110 kg. Last year I attended the Junior European Championships, held in Sweden. There I finished in seventh place in the dead lift, I won a silver medal. As for the major league, and with TJ for which I raced two years, the first year we won the top-flight and last year we finished second.

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