Monday, 24 February 2014

Pull-up burdening performance technique should be correct

When using a pull-up burdening performance technique should be correct, so it makes sense to use a relatively small dimension complication. Start with a five-kilogram disk, and as needed, add the weight of burdening with readability of 2.5 kg. Proper technique is to perform a pull-up at the bottom of full-range, smooth movements of the blades and stretch the entire array muscle of the upper back in the bottom point of the motion. Using the straps carefully.
otherwise you run the risk of short shipments back to premature fatigue of the forearm muscles, and indeed excessive participation in the exercise of hands. At the top of the movement enough to catch up to the position - at eye level crossbar. Pulling his head to involve some work fewer muscles than pulling up to the chest, but more effective for the development of muscular back as largely involve the upper spinal muscular layers array.
At the stage of induction training, use the classic version of pull-ups - wide grip optimally, without encumbrances, to the chest, in the "good" amplitude, gradually increasing the number of movements. From the level of the initial rate for the harmonious development and achievements of the functional balance start using pull his head. When entering the regulated number of movements - 20 (15), somewhere in the level of the main bulk of the training, start using weights.

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