Monday, 24 February 2014

Basic exercises for muscle building - Muscle Seek Program

Link upper block - Exercise is often used after the pull-ups for upper side of the back muscles. Used options: to chest - wide, middle and narrow reverse grip, a head - wide and secondary grip, with direct parallel and reverse grip on the Status of brushes. Link dumbbells - One of the basic exercises, creating a massive, three-dimensional thickness latissimus - face an array of muscular back.
Used very high (one-handed), working weight, at the secondary level of fitness - roughly equal weight athlete and above.
It is believed that exercise builds thickness of latissimus sagittal (anteroposterior) direction that is absolutely true. You can add only one thing - it seems that it is generally the main exercise for back development. For this exercise, you will be required - training bench about two feet tall, heavy dumbbell and all your perseverance.
Located on the frontal bench, step left (right) foot forward and in the same direction (to the left, if you are ready for the exercise with your right hand), and lean on the end of the bench with his left hand, both legs bent, supporting hand slightly at the elbow, spin well caved in the back taking a dumbbell, pull it up and slightly to the side of the torso. It should be added that we should rely on good support arm and leg.

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