Friday, 21 February 2014

Before and after power lifting training - Best Muscle Building Program

Yes Duran me assembles the entire training plan and course assisted me during training. In this sport without a coach or not, you need someone who will help with weights and you dress in jersey. They advise me well in terms of diet and supplements. I know that without his help I would not reach such success. Are you trying to somehow follow a healthy diet?
Yes. I'm only a woman, and while I do this sport, I want to look good. The fact that nearly three quarters of a year doing aerobic activity and practice mainly on the strength, I try to watch at least the food I do not eat too much fat diet, eating whole grain breads and the like. Exercise and Sport include nutritional supplements, enjoying what you do? You eat supplements only during races, or even period? I use the power of creative and tribals, and only before and after training. Sometimes not In period is not enjoying at all. Of course after training gives a protein shake and I use glucosamine for joints. Speaking of those joints, you feel the impact of these extreme loads, which are exhibited in this sport?
Not really. I do not think that I would now need to knees ached more than when I did not do triathlon. Used bandages to protect your knees What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? It is certainly a success from last year's championship Czech Republic, where I among women according to the number of points won first place. I appreciate the most.

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