Thursday, 20 February 2014

Stand of training in power lifting - Bodybuilding Program

After the last interview with Petra band will now introduce another competitor, which also originates from North Portland - Sativa Alvin.
As you can see on their achievements and performance in Devin is born All good Power lifters.
Stan is 24 years old and represents the section (formerly raced for TJ Sloan Freeland).
She has a lot of success, twice became champion Czech Republic Power lifting Championships.
The European Junior Championship held on the 9th - 13th 6th 2009 in Sweden, in the category up to 110 kg placed in the overall standings in seventh place and dead lift won a silver medal. He also holds several junior records. shuttling between Devin and Prague, where he is studying second year at the police academy.
 I walked with him in Devin in Physic Fitness Club, where he goes to train when he is in town, and in the intervals between exercises, I asked him when he started with power triathlon, as well as training has drawn on his goals and plans for the future.
Stand of training I took several photos that you see below. His strength can also see a video where depute with respectable 335 kg!
Standoffs, tell me at what age did you start with power triathlon how long he therefore dedicate?
I guess I started to be interested in triathlon fifteen years after I started high school. Now I'm 24 years old, so he devoted nine years. Competitively from the age of eighteen
What or who brought you to this sport? What made you decide to power lifting?

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