Thursday, 20 February 2014

Power lifting for women - Muscle Building Program Review

Power lifting is gentler gender represented significantly less than that of men. That is why we often read interviews just with male athletes. But women power lifter deserves our attention as well. So I decided to do an interview with a successful Din competitor in power lifting band. Petra third year of racing, regularly participates in both regional competitions and the championship of the United States, and all very good results.
Its most recent success is the Champion of the United States in power lifting in 2010 in the women's category to 60 kg. The Bohemian championship in bench-press, held on 13 March in Prague, won in the same category second place. Now with tension expect as you lead the Championship of the Czech Republic in power lifting men and women, which will be held the third April 2010 in met before gym Municipal Police in Devin, where he goes to train with his coach.
In the Metropolitan Police Sports Club Devin Petra also racing Petra invited me to his home, where we over a cup of fruit tea and the company of her two cats comfortably talk about their start in triathlon, the training also about what you like to do in their free time. Petro, told me that you ride the third year. How did you actually get this sport? In the gym, where I had been dating for several years, I met with my coach and he brought me to power lifting.

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